Why Should I Use FundsQ

Stop With

  • Excel spreadsheet that lists basic provider information
  • Electonic files spread in numerous network drives
  • Manual checks of due diligence answers
  • Store data in emails
  • Exceed deadline to answer due diligence

Start With

  • Formal system capable of handling the necessary review, documentation and supervisory tasks
  • Conducting risk assessments to determine your critical providers
  • Performing appropriate due diligence given the provider's risk rating
  • Documenting issues & performance
  • Actively monitoring & supervising your providers throughout the relationship

Features and Benefits

Due Diligence Simple Way

FundsQ has everything you need to automate your due diligence process. Delivered through a powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. FundsQ provides a full spectrum of tools to assess your providers and delivers powerful technology, actionable analytics, an elegant user experience, unparalleled workflow and system configuration and data security.



  • Flexibility of the questionnaire

  • Numerous type of questions

  • Allowing data to be submitted once and then updated as needed

  • Reducing time consuming processes around information gathering and maintenance


Save Time and Effort

  • Simple & Easy to use platform
  • All users on the same standard
  • Have Providers upload documents directly in FundsQ
  • Visualization of key issues using yellow and red flags


Centralize Your Providers

  • Get an immediate picture of the Due Diligence in progress
  • All your Providers, contracts & due diligence in one place
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Unlimited document storage — replace your messy shared drive


Communication & Collaboration

  • Provider may re-use their answers for other customers
  • Use of standard due diligence template available for all customers
  • Collaborate quickly and more effectively, and reduce time to market


Cloud Delivery

  • Take advantage of the ongoing improvements of FundsQ
  • Benefit from power of community
  • Pay a transparent subscription fee instead of software licences and ongoing operating costs for on-premise software


Satisfy Your Auditors & Regulators

  • Show your auditors a formal, comprehensive system
  • Systematic approach for all Providers
  • Assign detailed rights & roles for each user
  • Run ad-hoc reports and save to Excel & PDF

How it works

Create and send Due Diligence with ease

Select a Provider and a Due Diligence questionnaire, define the deadline and the due diligence can be sent!

  • From simple to sophisticated questionnaire
  • 10 question types
  • Define a Risk Review Report (validation checklist of the due diligence by the customer)

Provider answers Due Diligence online

  • Main contact of the Provider may assign sections of the Due diligence to colleagues
  • Re-use of answers from previous due diligence
  • Monitoring of the progress of the Due Diligence
  • Monitoring of all Due Diligences received

Monitoring and Analysis of the Due Diligence received

  • Monitoring all Due Diligences in a blotter and checks the progress
  • Analyses Due Diligence answers
  • Claim correction from Provider