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The FundsQ team can help you whether you lack expertise in the domain or simply don’t have enough expert resources.  Our team can develop your counterparty risk approach, create your questionnaires and deploy your Due Diligence process. And the team also always stays current with industry trends and best practice.

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Define 3rd Parties Risk Approach

FundsQ has a library of questions and models, allowing you to cover almost the full spectrum of your Due Diligences and embracing a large proportion of your 3rd parties. With our expert team, we can support you at all times to:

  • Develop your Due Diligence governance processes
  • Assist in designing the most appropriate questions depending on the type of Due Diligence (IT, EMIR, AML, Fund Administration, etc)
  • Assist in designing the most appropriate questions depending on the type of 3rd parties (Depositary Bank, Fund Administration, Distributor, etc)
  • Optimise your current questionnaires to align with regulatory developments and market practice
  • Tailor the questionnaires in line with your specific requirements
  • Help you to define scoring measures and analysis frameworks


Help you to Prefill Due Diligence

FundsQ makes life easier for your 3rd parties by default.

Answers can be reused automatically or on demand, enriched by our automated systems and controls. The completion of the first Due Diligence questionnaire is the most time-consuming stage for your 3rd parties. To speed up this process, FundsQ can prefill the questionnaires based on previous due diligence or on generic due diligence packages provided by the 3rd party. Depending on the volume of questions concerned, this step could be completed by our team or automated system.

The easier it is for your 3rd parties to complete the questionnaires, the more time they can devote to collecting information and ensuring high quality responses.



Knowledgeable: Our advice is independent, knowledgeable and engaged. You will benefit from ideas gained by working with a wide range of clients and across sectors and disciplines.

Scalable: The dedicated and expert FundsQ team provides support that is easily expanded and can be upgraded on demand. You can access the skills and resources you need without employing staff yourself, avoiding payroll costs and human resource issues. The support is always scalable and easy to terminate.

Using the FundsQ team allows you to focus your own internal team resources on the critical strategic decisions while we support you on the practical, day to day tasks, completing them in a timely and efficient manner. You will save costs by avoiding the need to hire new full-time employees and gain advantage by the consistent quality and uniformity in your 3rd party assessments.

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