What is FundsQ?

FundsQ is a specialist 3rd Party Risk Management for the fund management industry.

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Comply with the latest regulations easily and learn from market-wide best practice

Use well-designed due diligence processes to assess your 3rd parties. Use the questions prepared by our experts in accordance with the latest regulations. Or integrate your own questions.

Assess your 3rd parties with a Risk-Based Approach (RBA)

Define your governance strategy and put in place appropriate processes so that you build an accurate, real-time, overview of the risk situation at the 3rd party.

Employ FundsQ for all types of 3rd parties and make them as an asset

FundsQ can be applied to any 3rd party risk, as you will make the right decision at the right time and 3rd parties will be an asset for growth.


Our technologies simplify processes so that you can focus your time on decision-making

Manage your
Due Diligence

Automate your Due Diligence process and demonstrate a systematic approach. Assign tasks to the most suitable individuals. Accelerate your time to completion of the process

Keep track of
all activities

Have access to the full case history, correspondence with 3rd parties, tasks completed by the team, reminders, etc, and generate reports automatically

Live dashboards to
empower decision

Use the control panel for effective control at all times to keep track of risk and the status of compliance activity at your 3rd parties

More than a tool

FundsQ has experienced professionals who can assist you with specific services during the entire process of due diligence.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Built and developed by senior industry experts and technology specialists, FundsQ was born from the desire to facilitate the work of the compliance officers and risk managers in a world where the delegation of activities is the norm but requires precise, constant and formalised monitoring. To spotlight the best insights into FundsQ’s excellence, we asked a few questions to David Kiener, Co-Founder and CEO of FundsQ.

David Kiener
Co-Founder & CEO
David Keiner CEO and Co-founder

The Evolution of Third-Party Risk Management:
From Necessity To Opportunity

By David KIENER, CEO Of Fundsq


"We cannot talk about the future without talking about ESG. The financial market participants already face the obligation of implementing the last part of the SFDR reglementation. Thanks to FundsQ, in our investment managers questionnaire, we have a specific questions dedicated to the ESG topic because we need to monitor the capabilities of our investment managers."

Aurélie Videira, Head of Fund Oversight at #Lemanik Asset Management S.A.

"We have decided to extend our services and use FundsQ KPI questionnaire as KPIs need to be implemented for investment managers. Thanks to FundsQ, we have one format, one dashboard...leading to building one benchmark between all our delegates."

Kristijan Sicaja, Fund Oversight Officer at Lemanik

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