Legal Notice

The Website (hereinafter the “Website”) is edited by NoviReg S.à.r.l., a “société à responsabilité limitée” governed by Luxembourg law, with its headquarters at 7a rue de Turi, L-3378 Livange,   G-D Luxembourg, registered at the trade registrar under B210419.

“NoviReg”, “FundsQ”, “we”, “us”, and “our” are references to NoviReg S.à r.l., located at 7 rue de Turi, L-3378 Livange, G-D Luxembourg.

Novireg markets the online platform FundsQ.

Telephone: +352 2786 1087


The purpose of this Website is to provide non-contractual information on FundsQ and on the organisation and activities of NoviReg. NoviReg will exercise its best efforts to ensure that information communicated via this Website is true and accurate and is kept up to date and will reserve the right to change the content thereof at any time, without notice. However, Novireg cannot guarantee that information or news displayed on the Website is true and accurate, fully updated or exhaustive.